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Go Fishing store in Almada, will work as center of exhibition of the equipment that is used in the boats and as tertúlia and selling point of fishing rods, diverse fishing reels, accessories, fishing clothes, merchandising, for the national and foreign fishermen.

Go Fishing

"To Show Portugal

Portugal is a country with a face wet by the sea water.
Each saltwater drop reveals our roots, our body, our fingertips. Here, in this corner of Europe, we grew up with the Atlantic in the eyes.
Every mile made at sea is always to go over a new map, always a different way.
We want to show visitors what we are and what paths we have. GO Fishing is first of all, a company that takes responsibility to show Portugal.
We want to show our country, our sun, our beaches, our food, our people. Our sea.
We want to leave by boat and believe that is far what we seek. And we'll take with us who wants to go, who believes that there is always something new to discover in the blue of our waters. And it really exists.
It is a state of mind, a cool drink, a long conversation, paused, always interesting. Here we do not run, just give it time, gently. A slow drink, by the rhythm of the sun, a Portuguese sun setting.
The sea breeze brings the smell of salt water and tells us when to raise iron and leave. Come with us!
Visit us, come fishing with your friends. Or come with your family to be at the sea, only.
Because that just ... .it is the essence of life.
GO Fishing - More than Sea"

Vitor Ganchinho, Manager

Go Fishing branches


Adress: Rua de Marcos de Assunção nº 7 E Almada Business Center
2805-290 Pragal - Almada
Telephone: (+351) 212 742 292 | (+351) 915 510 056
Winter Schedule: 10:00 to 19:30, Tuesday to Saturday

Azores Branch

Adress:Go fishing Portugal Lda
Apartado 000819
EC Calheta - Ponta Delgada
9500 Ponta Delgada
Telephone: (+351) 915 510 056
Winter Schedule: 10:00 to 19:30, Tuesday to Saturday

Senegal Branch

Adress: Coming Soon

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The registration number as Tourist Animation Agent is 668/2016, and as Travel Agents is 6189

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