Fishing Boat Charters

Sesimbra and Setúbal

Even more and more, people went out to sea and return with the feeling that, not being bad, it could have been better… if there were fish.
The Light Rock Fishing technique, practiced from a vessel, is aimed at a fisherman with a very well defined profile, someone who has an intense professional activity, who wants to go out to sea during the weekend and relax a little from the difficulties everyday.
More than the catches themselves, he values ​​the challenge of having to learn to use a technique that is difficult, which forces him to go to the limit of his capabilities, due to the apparent fragility and lightness of the equipment, but which provides him at the same time a well-being and a peace of mind that prepares you for the next week. This is someone who values ​​fishing, the photo of a fish that is difficult to catch, more than the amount of fish he brings home. It is also someone who prefers to have space on the boat to fish, the company of some friends in an environment of mutual respect, and who, like him, intend to evolve in the direction of fishing in unconventional ways, which leave the trivial lead with two hooks on top.

Fishing with artificial fish can be just as or more productive than fishing with organic baits. The goal will not be to capture more, but a refined technique with samples can provide fish with a very regular cadence.
Fishing with light weight jigs, or vinyls, using very light rods, between 60 and 100 grams, and reels of very small sizes, from 1000 to 2500. Very thin braided lines, do not exceed 0.08mm, and who, in good hands, resist everything.
The lightness of the equipment transmits sensations to those who fish a lot, close to what could be obtained by fishing large fish in exotic destinations, weighing 20 or 30 kg, but fishing for fish that rarely exceed 2 to 3 kg in weight.

The LRF, in our waters, can be extremely fun, given the amount and variety of predators that fortunately we still have. They are not always big, but there are many! Sea bass, sarrajões, bicas, sea bream, legitimate snapper, golden snapper, groupers, groupies, mackerel, horse mackerel, redhead, squid, a little of everything is possible in an LRF fishing trip. The results speak for themselves.
We propose the realization of an intensive course of Light Rock Fishing (LRF) with departures on weekends, from Sesimbra or Setúbal, with boat, complete fishing equipment, fishing guide, lunch, insurance, video images and photos, detailed instructions on how to use the equipment, the necessary line nodes, the criterion for choosing samples and jigs, for 80 euros / output.

With two to three trips out of the sea, will be able to fish independently.
The LRF fisherman candidate must have a valid fishing license, which can take at the ATM, or request this service, which has a value of 5 euros.
Because the goal is to teach how to do it, and for that it is necessary dedication and exclusivity, the sea trips are limited to a maximum of 4 people / day.
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LRF COURSES - 120 € per person

Marinas of Sesimbra and Setúbal


- How to approach fishing zones;
- Selection of rods and reels according to sea conditions;
- Accessories, lines and knots;
- Lures: jigs and soft lures, how to choose according to the depth and the intended fish;
- Explanations on board about: weather conditions, fishing, movement of schools, location of rocks, etc.;
- Top brand reels and rods test;
- From theory to practice ... lots of practice!


- Complete fishing equipment: Rods, reels, lines, lures, jigs and soft lures;

- Images: video and photos;

- Snack on board;

- Fishing license.

- Prices in Euros with VAT included
- All fishing trips include accident insurance
- Minimum duration of fishing trips: 6 hours.

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