GO Fishing Portugal

GO Fishing Portugal is a young Portuguese company whith headoffice in Almada/Pragal, a few minutes from Lisbon.

We are licensed as a Tourist Entertainment Company and as a Travel Agency (6189).

We commercialize fishing equipment from internationally recognized brands, such as Daiwa, Penn, Smith, Shimano, Berkley, GanCraft, TailWalk, DeepLiner, etc., and we organize maritime tourism activities, namely offshore fishing trips.

We bet on a service of excellence, personalized and adapted to the needs and desires of our customers, from the experienced and veteran trawler to the most demanding and enthusiastic tourist.

Although our focus is Fishing Tourism, our customers can enjoy other moments of leisure to measure, where Gastronomy and Culture are also present.

At GO Fishing we have a strong sense of responsibility for natural resources, so we encourage catch & release in our fishing experiences with our customers.

GO Fishing certification is in progress, specifically the ISO 9001, 14001 and NP 4469 – Social Responsibility standards.

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"Portugal is a country with a wet face from salt water sea.

Every drop of salt water reveals our roots, our body, our fingerprints. Here, in this corner of Europe, we grew up with the Atlantic in our eyes.

Every mile made in the sea is to traverse an ever new map, an ever different path. We want to show those who visit us what we are and what paths we have. GO Fishing is, above all, a company that assumes the responsibility of showing Portugal.

We want to show our country, our sun, our beaches, our food, our people. Our sea.

We want to go out on a boat and believe that what we are looking for is far away. And we take with us who wants to go, who believe that there is always something new to discover in the blue of our waters.

And there really is. It's a state of mind, a cool drink, an endless, leisurely conversation, always interesting. Here we do not run, we just give time to time, gently. A slow drink, to the rhythm of the sun, of a Portuguese sunset. The sea breeze brings us the smell of salt water and tells us when to iron it and leave. Come with us!

Visit us, come fishing with your friends. Or come with the family to be at sea, only.

Because this just ... is the essence of life. "


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